Founder & CEO

Anja Bump

Meet our intrepid space maker, Founder & CEO Anja Bump! Anja brings 20 years of experience in operations, manufacturing, and supply chain management to the table. She took the leap from nearly a decade of consulting startups, small business and large enterprises to building Twofold from the ground up. Her childhood in Europe and Portland’s increasing urban density inspired her to create better solutions to maximize available space at work and at home. As a seasoned veteran in guiding business to their peak performance, Anja fully understands the importance of a flexible, functional workplace. Learn more about our fearless captain on LinkedIn:

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Strategic Advisor

Gretchen Gscheidle

Meet our Workplace Guru, otherwise known as Strategic Advisor, Gretchen Gscheidle! Gretchen hails from the workplace powerhouse Herman Miller, where she directed strategic research and advanced design for the better part of a decade, developing some iconic pieces such as the Aeron chair. Learn more about Gretchen's impressive career on LinkedIn:

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Product Development

Steve Linder

The child of two Michigan Industrial Designers and fresh out of school, Steve’s first furniture development experience was the Herman Miller and Unisys, Furniture and Computer Integration Project. With that amazing experience in hand, Steve moved to Portland OR, where he became a key force in the 20 year growth of Anthro Technology Furniture Company, then a small startup, now part of Ergotron. Steve’s extensive Industrial Design experience is bolstered with years of furniture engineering, material sourcing and market research experience, making him a Product Development machine! His work has earned several Best of Neocon awards and over a dozen patents on furniture designs and engineering details.

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