The Small Space System brings a modular and customizable workspace solution to the home. Featuring a zero-footprint table and bench that can be installed in the configuration that best suits your needs. Choose from a single table mounted at standing height, a table and up to two benches mounted at the height of your choice, or simply a desk height table on its own. Complete with its own power supply, this system was designed with the home in mind, and can be installed, removed, and repositioned with ease. We believe energy is better spent on work than on searching for a place to work.


  • Folding desk
  • Folding benches 1 or 2
  • 2 tamper-resistant AC receptacles AC 125V, 60Hz
  • Fused 15A
  • 2USB ports, DC 5V 2.1A each (10.5 watts)
  • Cable management comb and grommets
  • Cable enclosure, tooled entry
  • Durable 304 stainless-steel mechanism

Space System bench


Space System Table

Frame Finish

Powder coated steel

Desk Finish

Solid and Wood Laminates

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The inspiration behind the design

We’ve found ourselves consumed by the wish to make things appear when we needed them and disappear when we didn’t. We wished we could have a home office in which we could focus, and also wished we didn’t have that big desk in the way when we tried an online workout video for the first time. We wished we had somewhere to charge our laptop without having to pull an extension cord over, that we had more storage, and that we could find things where we left them. We wished we could have all these things without having to move to a bigger home- that we could just create space. Ultimately, we realized that the solution wasn’t to magically create more space, but to make our existing spaces more flexible to suit our variety of needs, and thus the Space Table system was developed.

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