Provided hex key tool makes setup easy.

  • Lightweight easy to move privacy
  • Dampens sound, acoustic wall rating 0.45 - 0.95 NRC
  • 2 Magnetic whiteboards on walls
  • Tackable felt
  • Cleanable with bleach
  • Customize with 20 felt colors and printing

Walls: 1” PET Rigid Felt, acoustic rating .45-.95 NRC

Wall trim: white, glossy, dry erase powder coated steel

Footing: white, glossy, powder coated aluminum

Choose standard colors or customize by mixing and matching felt colors:

Unit Dimensions

The inspiration behind the product

We wanted the design of the Space Maker to be as simple as drawing a line on a floor plan; to be able to encapsulate the ideas that come with the marker of division―a line to mark where one person’s space ends and another’s begins, or where space for heavy circulation becomes space to linger. We wanted them to feel like floating walls that could materialize to frame a space and move as easily as a line can be erased and redrawn somewhere else.

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