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Provided hex key tool and puzzle-fit felt make setup easy.


  • Lightweight easy to move privacy
  • Dampens sound, acoustic wall rating 0.45 - 0.95 NRC
  • 2 Magnetic whiteboards on walls
  • Tackable felt
  • Cleanable with bleach
  • Customize with 20 felt colors and printing

Walls: 1” PET Rigid Felt, acoustic rating .45-.95 NRC

Wall trim: white, glossy, dry erase powder coated steel

Footing: white, glossy, powder coated aluminum

Choose standard colors or customize by mixing and matching felt colors:

Unit Dimensions
Width (Internal)49.0"
Width (External)59.0" (flat feet extense)

The inspiration behind the design

The power of designing simplicity can be deceptively complicated. The intersecting forms of the Micro Plaza strip away all of the assumptions made about what is necessary to frame a space. Built only with intersecting planes of felt, this Plaza calls to mind the satisfaction of childhood toys snapping together to form a structure that makes you feel both happy and secure. The wide range of color options to allow your inner child to have an especially exciting space, or your more refined inner adult to relax in a subtle and neutral space. The only difficult part of this assembly is which colors to choose!

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