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Making Open Work

Office Plaza

The Twofold Plaza Collection is handcrafted to maximize the efficiency of any space delivering an essential layer of privacy. Provides on-demand and mobile spaces for offices, airports, universities, manufacturing facilities, lobbies, trade shows, and libraries.

  • Mobile & modular
  • 2 or 4 persons
  • Sitting or standing
  • Customize your colors
  • Can be sprayed & disinfected
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Individual Work Area

Micro Plaza

The Micro Plaza creates a lightweight pop-up space that dampens sound and complements the ability to focus. Easy to set up, tear down and move, it is the perfect solution at home or at work. Supports a flexible, socially distanced workspace for offices reopening during COVID-19.

  • Lightweight
  • Dampens sound
  • Can be sprayed & disinfected
  • Customize your colors
  • Magnetic whiteboard trim on sidewalls
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Create Instant Visual Privacy

Space Makers

Featuring a slim profile felt on light footprints, the Space Maker delineates space and offers separation where needed to address privacy and safety concerns. A strong barrier for employees returning to work during COVID-19, allowing for social distancing and privacy. 

  • Slim profile
  • Magnetic whiteboard panel
  • Can be sprayed & disinfected
  • Protection and barrier for new office layouts
  • Separate workstations
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Onsite Healthcare Wherever You Are

Health Plaza

Provides additional capacity where needed to service light healthcare needs. Custom designs for multi-family housing, lobbies, grocery stores, pharmacies and offices. A response to the additional healthcare needs for COVID-19. 

  • Mobile & modular
  • Visual privacy
  • Can be sprayed & disinfected
  • Consultation seating
  • Medical cooler storage
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Stability, Comfort & Ease of Use

Space Table

As the smallest in our Zero Footprint Collection, the Space Table features a slim profile table complete with its own power supply and tucked away storage space. Can be installed and removed with ease. Instant work from home table.

  • Zero Footprint Collection
  • Folds away
  • Fits under a standard window
  • Install at sit or stand height
  • Two electrical outlets & two USB chargers
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Expand Your Space

Space System

COMING IN 2021:  Get in touch with us to get on our pre-order list. Designed for small spaces, this low profile system fits under windows and transforms walls into a dining or work area. Modular and customizable, this system was designed with the home in mind and can be installed and removed with ease. 

  • Zero Footprint Collection
  • Installs under windows
  • Modular - choose one or two benches
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Customize your finish
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Transform Walls into Workspace

Working Wall

COMING IN 2021:  Get in touch with us to get on our pre-order list. Our working wall transforms walls into workspace. Invented as a solution for work from home, micro-living, co-living, offices, education and hospitality.

  • Zero Footprint Collection
  • Folds away
  • Use the table and seat separately or together
  • Customize your finish
  • Optional charging station
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About the Team

Our Mission.

Our mission at Twofold is to optimize limited space without sacrificing functionality. We create on-demand, space-saving furniture for the home, workplace and everywhere in between.

Developed with a deep understanding of the limitations of real estate in an increasingly dense world, we design and manufacture products that revive productivity, flexibility and functionality in idle areas.

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